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Groundbreaking virtual reality training methodologies

At Growth Academy Asia, we strive to deliver immersive learning experiences through Jenson8 VR training, a virtual reality technology recognised in the Gartner 2021 Market Guide for Corporate Learning.

Immersive learning is a well thought out combination of virtual reality, VR training simulators and advanced learning techniques like 3D design, data science, etc.

Virtual reality training software helps you practice and make decisions in the virtual world that translate into real-world scenarios.

Using virtual reality for training employees

Enjoyable. Engaging. Memorable.
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VR has reshaped the way we approach training and development in corporate offices.

VR training in workplace helps overcome the drawbacks of traditional training like long-distance travel, complex training scenarios and safety concerns.

At Growth Academy Asia, we help industry leaders to train their workforce through rich VR experiences. Our modules are designed to transport learners to realistic, low-risk work scenarios while they are actively engaged in learning.

Applications of VR training programs

Remote training

Talent development


Improve public
speaking skills

Hands-on experience
in technical skills

Decision making

Crisis management

Team management

Building employee

Virtual reality
soft skills training

Why use virtual reality in corporate training?

The benefits of VR training systems used in the training and development of employees is being acknowledged by companies and industries all over the globe.

Improved productivity

Employee engagement

Better management

Results and insights

Results you can measure!

Our VR training programs for workplaces are designed to mimic real-world situations and provide results that can be tracked and measured through data and insights.

Our VR training solutions

Experts believe that the future holds all the likelihood of continuing the use of VR training even after the COVID-19 pandemic is over.

Industries and organisations all over the world are already leveraging the benefits of virtual reality for employee training.

Our non-VR experiential learning workshops

Our tailored workshops provide an opportunity for the participants to experience lessons and reflect on their own learning graph.

The idea is to provide practical and real-world experiences through hands-on participation, practice, and structured reflection.

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