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Leadership is an action, not a position.

Growth Academy Asia’s unique Virtual Reality (VR) module for leadership development brings out the participant’s true behaviours that go unnoticed in traditional classroom settings.

Easy to grasp
instructional designs

High impact faculty

Concise sessions

Concept application through real-life work challenges

Completely accessible
and flexible

Immersive learning solutions based on behavioural psychology

Suitable for all levels
of management

Real-time feedback

Engaging interactions

Relaxing and fun

Gamification based learning

Available for geographically diverse teams

Leadership Development Programme, HK - Subjects Covered

The HKIHRM Training & Development Needs Survey
states that senior management requires training in areas such as change management, crisis management, strategic thinking, etc. 

This aligns with our virtual reality-based management training programmes that have been carefully crafted to cover a wide range of subjects. Our comprehensive range of leadership course includes:

Suitable for:

Why choose us?

In today’s digital age, learning is no longer limited to classrooms and training rooms.
Modern-day technology tools are here to make learning fun and impactful.
The world has embraced remote learning and working post-pandemic and this is the future.

Challenging but possible

We utilise advanced virtual learning applications powered by Jenson8 – a virtual reality technology recognised in the Gartner 2021 Market Guide for Corporate Learning. This creates an engaging, safe and compliant corporate leadership development journey.


Our remote virtual leadership development programme in Hong Kong is crafted to bring out the leadership qualities in every single employee of your company, irrespective of their managerial level. 

Partner with us and let us help you in creating a leader out of each one of your employees through our effective training and development courses.

Having worked with multiple clients, Growth Academy Asia understands the specific needs of each organisation and strives to create personalised training modules for your employees. 

We understand your challenges and have integrated technology like virtual reality and game theory into our training programmes to effectively impart knowledge and track results. 

And it’s managed on virtual platforms that are available to all your employees, irrespective of their geographic location.

To help your organisation grow in a fast-paced environment, we also offer programmes for corporate training in Hong Kong.

How do we do it?

We have a CODE to simplify what we do.


Consult with us & share your unique business needs.


Document outputs & outcomes that need to be measured & tracked.


Design the right learning methodology that brings the right learning to the right people with the right technology.


Evolve learning pathways to create ongoing learning impact.

Give us a call and share your ideas and training needs. 

We help you choose and design appropriate leadership training and development modules and technology suitable for your organisation.



Leadership development training aims to build confidence in (aspiring) leaders so that they can lead a team through better communication and decision making.  

The leadership training at Growth Academy Asia aims to provide learnings on:

  • Leadership styles
  • Leadership theories
  • Communication skills
  • Behavioural management
  • Cross cultural behaviours
  • Team management
  • Team building and motivation
  • Organisation culture
  • Decision making
  • Stress management
  • Interpersonal relationships
  • Change management
  • Employee training needs assessment
  • Time management

Leadership training helps the existing managers and employees to improve their capabilities, make favourable decisions, inspire their team members and achieve organisational goals. 

The courses are created to help managers develop a vision for their team, delegate tasks, manage communications and help the team to achieve goals. 

At Growth Academy Asia, we train leadership through Virtual Reality (VR) modules. Focussed on the essential leadership traits of trust, accountability and teamwork, the training forges a dynamic, high performing team where people value each other in tangible ways, play to their strengths, exchange feedback and clarify expectations. 

Our VR-based leadership training program creates psychologically safe environments that result in true behaviours of trust, accountability and teamwork being revealed and validated. This helps managers understand their leadership profile in real-life situations and find innovative ways to manage their teams. 

Participants take turns in different roles so that they can continuously improve. Throught the technology, the participants’ behaviours are registered and personality-driven reports are generated instantly during the training. The engaging interactions, gamification based learning and real-time feedback help leaders tackle a broad range of situations while developing their emotional intelligence. 

While leadership training courses are helpful for employees at any level, the course is particularly recommended for first-time managers, middle-level managers, supervisors, and team leaders. Our leadership training will benefit anyone from a junior to senior position.

Prior to the training session, the participants are required to complete a pre-training survey and a profiling tool (optional).

The courses come with a dedicated facilitator, expert assistants, technical support, the VR headsets, computers and manuals. The venue is not provided by us, we are flexible to hold the training at the desired location.

A one-day leadership training program comes with an onboarding with optional integrated psychometric screener, the Apollo VR-session customised with facilitator input and evaluation output, a customised post-game summary evaluation & action plan, post-training wrap-up with key stakeholders and an optional follow-up session

We tailor the price for each client based on their needs and budget, this is mostly based on the number of participants and the duration of the training. Please send us an enquiry with your number of participants and desired duration in order to receive our prices.  

The duration of our one-off courses range from a half day to a full day and up to two-day courses. We also provide long-term leadership development programs that range from one month to up to twelve months of engagement. 

Yes. We always design appropriate leadership training modules and technology based on your needs and suitable to your organisation. Our courses can be tailored to meet your unique business needs. 

Our Facilitators

David Simpson Growth Academy Asia

David Simpson

David is a qualified Psychological Health Clinician accredited in Harrison Assessments and PRSIM Brain Mapping. As an experienced training professional with over twenty years of experience, he has provided corporate training and Team Building packages for corporations such as AIA, AXA, Allianz, and many more.

David has also worked with young people in Hong Kong experiencing drug, emotional and behavioural issues, then with professionals in the corporate psychological arena in Asia. He challenges participants to reach their highest potential through experiential, interactive and fun workshops with a strong and meaningful business outcome.

david thomas

David Thomas

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