Delivering Effective Virtual
Leadership Development Program
using Immersive Learning

Leaders do not create followers.
They create more leaders.

Leadership skills are generally hard to identify and develop. Our unique Virtual Reality (VR) module uncovers participant's true behaviours that aren't noticeable in classroom, assessment or leadership development training settings.

Why use VR?


4 times FASTER than classroom training


275 times MORE CONFIDENT to apply skills after training


3.75 times MORE EMOTIONALLY CONNECTED than classroom learners


4 times MORE FOCUSED than e-learning

Virtual leadership development program

Our virtual learning applications (powered by Jenson8, global pioneers in PR) integrate machine learning and artificial intelligence to create and engaging, safe and compliant leadership development journey.

Virtual leadership activities

Virtual leadership training

Online learning

Online toolkits

Real-time feedback

Suitable for

Utilising the power of virtual learning for leadership development

Virtual reality + behavioural psychology + gamification techniques + expert guidance

Our immersive virtual learning courses stimulate the neurons to activate when needed during a decision-making situation in the real world. This accelerates self-awareness and learning for leaders.

Generated in a psychology and physically safe group environment, we can assess and improve team members' leadership characteristics.

Our platform can also be paired with your own company-related or personal content to create customised leadership development modules. You can avail the benefits of this platform for D&I, recruitment and VUCA.

Available for delivery on-site or online, anywhere at any time, so the entire organisation can benefit.

Leverage our passion for developing and retaining future proof leaders.

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How it works

Our applications are built on a secure and compliant platform that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to create engaging learning journeys. Our tech-driven instruments can be deployed in the corporate environment to provide learning and development solutions such as onboarding, performance improvement, and any specific corporate training topics.

The results generate unique insights into human behaviour, revealing participants' true strengths weaknesses by doing, not merely talking. All the data is compiled into a comprehensive client feedback report together with the summary debrief.

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