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How our applications work

Our applications are built on a secure and compliant platform that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to create engaging learning journeys. Our tech-driven instruments can be deployed in the corporate environment to provide learning and development solutions such as onboarding, performance, and any specific corporate topics.

The results generate unique insights into human behaviour, revealing participants’ true strengths and weaknesses by doing, not merely talking. All the data is compiled into a comprehensive client feedback report together with the summary debrief.

Leadership Evolution

Capitalise on Virtual Reality that results in true behaviours being revealed and validated

Leadership skills are generally hard to identify and develop. Our unique VR module uncovers participant’s true behaviours that aren’t noticeable in a classroom, assessment or leadership development training settings.

Generated in a psychologically and physically safe group environment, we can assess and improve team members’ leadership characteristics. The platform can also be paired with your own company-related or personal content.

Available for delivery on-site or online, anywhere at any time, so full organisations can benefit.

This platform can also be used for D&I, Recruitment and VUCA.

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Employee Onboarding

Immerse in tech to bring your new team members effectively into the company

Onboarding needn’t take weeks and can be reduced to a few hours through our unique onboarding platform. It is an incredibly flexible tech tool where tasks and interface look and feel can be completely customised.

It can be designed to match your company identity and to promote your desired outcomes from onboarding to learning and development. Company values, policies, regulations and resources are programmed into a gamified and immersive journey enabling high engagement and retention of all your onboarding needs.

Team Effectiveness Workshops

Allow your in-person, remote or hybrid team members to a place where they can thrive

Move beyond dysfunction where your team can thrive by understanding how trust, conflict, communication, accountability and results all have an impact on ultimate team performance. Through this skill-building suite, you’ll be provided with tools to analyse, understand and build knowledge and skills to drive better behaviours for cohesive, collaborative, productive teams – resulting in organisational success.

Leveraging Patrick Lencioni’s model, we explore the critical tools required to operate effectively as a team. Our integrated technology platform assists in gamifying the learning journey from pre-campaign right through to post-event action planning.

Compatible with in-person, remote or hybrid teams.

Workshop Options

Depending on the team’s current state, goals & skill gaps: choose from the four workshop topics to suit your needs.

  1. Connecting with Impact
  2. Communicating Powerfully
  3. Leveraging Team Differences
  4. Motivating for Results

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