Driving Innovation Through
Workshops & Coaching

Let innovation be your superpower

Is your innovation funnel as healthy as you want it to be?

Does your office workforce have the knowledge, skills, and mindset to bring in new ideas to the market?

At Growth Academy Asia, we believe that innovation is a core part of your organisation’s success. 

Along with our delivery partner, Profound Knowledge Partners Asia
 (Certified 6’I’s® of Innovation Practitioner), we offer bespoke innovation training and coaching services to our clients.

The facilitators at PKP Asia are specialist consultants and coaches having practical and executive-level experience in creating strategy and driving innovation and change.

Building culture and competencies for continuous
organisational innovation

Harness the power of thinking

The 6 ‘I’s® of Innovation Model

The programme is designed around the 6 ‘I’s® of Innovation model, a PEOPLE, and PURPOSE-centred methodology, developed by Natalie Tuner. 

This methodology offers a unique ‘strengths assessment’ for individuals and teams and blends the principles of design thinking with organisational development.

6 ‘I’s® of Innovation Assessment

Graph that illustrates a person's innovation profile
6 ‘I’s® of Innovation
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The model brings together the “what” the “how” and the “why” of innovation by focusing on the 6 ‘I’s® of innovation:

What’s Included in Innovation Training?

A step-by-step innovation process to develop new services and
products for organisational growth.

Spark! Driving Innovation Workshop

From introductory sessions to in-depth skills training and business coaching, the workshop helps teams to dig into the mindset, skills, methods, and tools necessary at each stage of the innovation journey to bring new ideas to market.

What is it?

A one-day in-person programme aimed at developing participants’ soft skills and innovation mindset to drive organisational growth.


During the Workshop

Learn stages of innovation and the practical application of the mindsets, tools, and methods at each stage.

After the Workshop

Post-programme implementation coaching can be offered to help organisations implement and deploy innovation programs.



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Delivery Partner

Growth Academy Asia in partnership with Profound Knowledge Partners Asia.
For more information, see:
PKP Asia WebsiteThe 6 ’I’s® of Innovation website

Our Facilitator

david thomas

David Thomas

David Thomas is a Management Consultant, Executive Coach and Facilitator specialising in Strategy, Innovation, Business Improvement and Leadership Effectiveness. He holds accreditation in 6I’s® of Innovation, Genos Emotional Intelligence, Personal Strengths SDI, Negotiation, Conflict and Dialogue, Berlitz-TMC Cultural Orientations & Global Leadership, DDI, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centre (Business Development Partner).

David has lived in Asia for 20+ years and has a strong working knowledge of the cultural diversity and business dynamics in the Asia-Pacific Region. He is committed to use all of these resources in helping leaders and their teams drive excellence in themselves and their organisations.

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