Diversity and Inclusion
Training for Employees
to Empower Equal Involvement

Respecting the unique needs of team
members by revealing true
behaviours & micro-aggressions

Business ethics can be challenging to establish, given that each employee interprets "right" and "wrong" differently.

Jenson8's virtual D&I learning positions your employees in scenarios designed to develop their ethical thinking and decision-making skills and strengthen your corporate culture.

Diverse and Inclusive work environments

Make all your employees feel equally involved and valued. Irrespective of professional level, gender, nationality, race, sexual orientation, and individual identity.

Why use VR?


4 times FASTER than classroom training


275 times MORE CONFIDENT to apply skills after training


3.75 times MORE EMOTIONALLY CONNECTED than classroom learners


4 times MORE FOCUSED than e-learning

Our VR platforms help create D&I workshops for your HR and management level professionals that help them build inclusive workplace culture.

Goals of Diversity and Inclusion Training

Creating strategies at COO/CEO levels

Stimulating accountability for results

Fostering employee resource groups

Accepting multicultural practices

Training employees from executive to c-suite level

Integrating D&I strategies within recruitment, training, and assesment

Developing policies and behavioural standards

Measuring progress through real-time metrics

It is not about having a diversity of employees present. It is about the diversity of employees involved, trusted, and empowered.

How it works

Our applications are built on a secure and compliant platform that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to create engaging learning journeys. Our tech-driven instruments can be deployed in the corporate environment to provide learning and development solutions such as onboarding, performance improvement, and any specific corporate training topics.

The results generate unique insights into human behaviour, revealing participants' true strengths weaknesses by doing, not merely talking. All the data is compiled into a comprehensive client feedback report together with the summary debrief.

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