Development Programme
With VR Technology

Develop and retain passionate,
engaged, and inspiring people.

Our VR experiential workshops develop self-awareness and agility. Participants are taught to learn from failure in a safe environment while eliminating bias, assumptions, and outdated mindsets.

Create a heightened sense of awareness of uncertainty, change, and the value of continuous improvement.

Why use VR?


4 times FASTER than classroom training


275 times MORE CONFIDENT to apply skills after training


3.75 times MORE EMOTIONALLY CONNECTED than classroom learners


4 times MORE FOCUSED than e-learning

Our talent development agenda

Identify talent pools

Develop talent to deliver at their maximum potential

Real-time insights to measure impacts

Combine immersive interventions, digital learning, and academis

Our VR based talent development
workshops include

How it works

Our applications are built on a secure and compliant platform that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to create engaging learning journeys. Our tech-driven instruments can be deployed in the corporate environment to provide learning and development solutions such as onboarding, performance improvement, and any specific corporate training topics.

The results generate unique insights into human behaviour, revealing participants' true strengths weaknesses by doing, not merely talking. All the data is compiled into a comprehensive client feedback report together with the summary debrief.

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Our Facilitator

David Simpson Growth Academy Asia

David Simpson

David is a qualified Psychological Health Clinician accredited in Harrison Assessments and PRSIM Brain Mapping. As an experienced training professional with over twenty years of experience, he has provided corporate training and Team Building packages for corporations such as AIA, AXA, Allianz, and many more.

David has also worked with young people in Hong Kong experiencing drug, emotional and behavioural issues, then with professionals in the corporate psychological arena in Asia. He challenges participants to reach their highest potential through experiential, interactive and fun workshops with a strong and meaningful business outcome.

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