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Stop working for the tech, let the tech work for you

Learning in the world of remote working can get a lot more exciting with the right technology tools.

Convert Remote learning workshops to immersive learning journeys

Get employees engaged and excited in their own growth.

We know it is painful.

– To reimagine learning

– To show your people “how” to apply the learning to their work

But we also know it is simple.

– To integrate technology and create true engagement

– To leverage virtual reality and game theory into learning programs

– To measure what matters

Leaders in the L&D industry have always strived and struggled to modernise their learning initiatives. This challenge is amplified when the world is working remote and can be frustrating to see employees disengaged in their own growth.

At Growth Academy Asia, we understand your pain and have reimagined learning to not just imparting knowledge, but also show your people how to apply the knowledge at work. Integrating technology including virtual reality and game theory into our programs has allowed us to measure what matters.

This allows you to create a new L&D landscape and become a driver for modern learning.

We have a CODE to simplify what we do.

  • Consult with us & share your unique business needs.

  • Document outputs & outcomes that need to be measured & tracked.

  • Design the right learning methodology that brings the right learning to the right people with the right technology.

  • Evolve learning pathways to create ongoing learning impact.

Where we can help you.

Here are a few of our tech-enabled learning workshops that are most popular

Leadership Evolution

  • Capitalise on Virtual Reality that results in true behaviours being revealed and validated

Team Effectiveness

  • Allow your in-person, remote or hybrid team members to a place where they can thrive

Employee Onboarding

  • Immerse in tech to bring your new team members effectively into the company

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