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Learning in the digital age is more than email communication. With the right technology tools, work becomes more exciting

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Get your employees excited about their own growth through communication training and leadership development

Our VR-based team effectiveness programs provide your team members with a safe learning space to grow and thrive


We know it is challenging.

– To find new ways to upskill staff
– To show your people how to apply the learning to their work
– To maintain an upward learning curve

But we also know it is simple.

– To integrate technology and create true engagement
– To leverage virtual reality and game theory into learning programs
– To measure what matters
– To achieve business growth

Leaders in the L&D industry have always strived but struggled to modernise their learning initiatives. This challenge is amplified when the world is working remotely and it can be frustrating to see employees disengaged in their own growth.

At Growth Academy Asia, we understand your challenges and have reimagined learning to not just impart knowledge, but also to show your people how to apply the knowledge at work. Integrating technology such as virtual reality and game theory into our programs has allowed us to measure what matters and have critical conversations that are necessary to grow.

Create a new L&D landscape and become a driver for modern learning.

How do we do it?

We have a CODE to simplify what we do.


Consult with us & share your unique business needs.


Document outputs & outcomes that need to be measured & tracked.


Design the right learning methodology that brings the right learning to the right people with the right technology.


Evolve learning pathways to create ongoing learning impact.

Give us a call and share your ideas and business needs. 

We document the outcomes that you want and need to measure & track.

We help you choose and design the appropriate learning methodology and technology. 

Your learning pathways will help you to evolve, grow and create an ongoing learning impact.

Our unique Virtual Reality (VR) modules help in bringing out true behaviours of the participants that are hard to bring forth in traditional training settings. 

Where we can help you?

Here are a few of our tech-enabled learning workshops that are most popular

leadership evolution

Leadership Development

Capitalising on VR technology to help leaders develop skills and build confidence by participating in realistic, risk-free practice spaces

employee onboarding

Future Talent

Pairing top-notch talent development content with cutting-edge technology. Our onboarding solutions provide new hires with the opportunity to refine their skills in an immersive learning environment through VR education


Diversity and

Go beyond trying to build a diverse and inclusive workspace at an intellectual level. We develop experiential workshops to help your organisation absorb D&I concepts, reveal true behaviours and remove unconscious bias through realistic simulations.

team effectiveness


Integrating gamification in your team development training to facilitate engaging and effective learning experiences. Stimulate and improve teamwork to increase your business success.

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Make innovation a super-power in your market by taking your teams on a journey to leverage their innovation mindset

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Customisable Workshops

The most effective training is a training tailored to your needs. Our platforms are fully customisable and our facilitators are experts at (co-)creating unique workshops to fit your professional needs. Get in touch today for a customised training workshop.

Don't take our word for it, here is what our customers say:

Struggling with implementing diversity & inclusion at your organisation?

People and employees make up our organisations and businesses. If they are unhappy, growth is hindered. Learn how virtual reality can build relationships and contribute to the diversity and inclusion needs of your organisation. 

Are you in charge of human resources?

If you are in industries such as consultancy, education, IT & technology, banking & finance, property & construction, manufacturing design & sourcing, pharmaceuticals or legal services, VR can take your team to the next level.

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